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Kockák, szütyők

Dance of the Damned
Angol nyelvű

Sorozat: Lord of Nightmares (1)
Kiadó: Fantasy Flight Games (2014)
Szerző: Bligh, Alan

Címkék: Horror, Angol nyelvű regény

Oldalszám: 336
Boritógrafika: Anders Finér

1400,- Ft
bejelentkezés után

Meeks still could not quite reconcile in his mind what had happened after they had entered the clearing, though some of it was vividly clear: the cluster of tumbledown shacks, the old truck jacked up on logs, wheelless, the broken still, disused, empty bottle crates, and packing straw torn up to make firewood.

The bootleggers—or what were they?—all standing around the bonfire they’d made in a perfect circle, close enough to the flame to scorch, not moving, not one of them, utterly still, unaware of their approach.

Then they saw the bodies, strapped and pitted to the dead trees around the clearing, with fencing nails and loops of rusted barbed wire all facing inward, all mutilated.
Meeks remembered shouting, then chaos, gunplay, the shotgun bucking in his hands as he fired.
Then it all became tangled, incomplete. Running, shooting, screaming, and through it all a strange piping noise, thin and horrible, like ice being forced into your ears. Something running in the dark, snarling—dogs? Somebody had shouted that: “Dogs!” But they weren’t dogs—one of Sykes’s men, open-mouthed, screaming, being snatched…upward?

The Lord of Nightmares will soon walk the earth leaving destruction and madness in its wake. Only a few souls know the horrifying truth, but can they prevent the imminent ruination of human civilization? A rising tide of strange events and unexplained disappearances have nearly enveloped the small New England town of Arkham, Massachusetts, and now, a handful of unlikely heroes must race to save mankind from an ancient and unspeakable evil!

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