Shadowrun (6th edition) - Beginner Box

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Are you ready to risk everything?

The Sixth World. One of the most enduring RPG settings ever created, with shadows growing deeper and darker in its latest edition. Dominated by enormous, world-striding megacorporations strangling metahumanity in their clutches, by 2080 most of the planet has surrendered to these corporate overlords.

But from the darkest shadows, defiance flickers in people known as shadowrunners. They risk everything—wrestling magical energies, channeling them into power; putting their minds against the electronic void of the Matrix; trading flesh and blood for chrome and steel.

Stand up, join them, and dare to risk it all!

Shadowrun, Sixth World builds on Shadowrun’s amazingly successful legacy, becoming easier to learn and play while still providing role-playing depth. Welcome to the marquee event of the game’s 30th Anniversary year!

For the uninitiated, Shadowrun is a technicolor mix of classic cyberpunk and urban fantasy. You will find cyber-enhanced dwarf mercenaries with machine guns, elf mages slinging combat spells while riding motorcycles, elite hackers in the ubiquitous computer-connected Matrix, and even dragons holding down C-suite roles at tyrannical mega-corporations. Shadowrun seems to owe as much to the sword and sorcery genre as to William Gibson, Terri Windling, and classic heist films like The Italian Job.

In the game, player characters are an off-the-grid team of mercenaries, or “shadowrunners” for hire, each with unique magical, technological, or tactical talents. These talents are valued by those who need certain things done but don’t want to get their hands dirty. Shadowrunners’ lives are about team-sport survival; getting the job, doing the job (a “shadowrun”), trying not to get killed on the job, and getting paid for the job while living in a world that sees them both as fringe denizens and expendable resources. (Shadowrun background source:

It all starts with the Shadowrun, Sixth World Beginner Box. Here’s a look at the box’s cover art and contents:

  • Welcome sheet
  • 4-page overview of the Sixth World Setting
  • 24 page Quick Start Rules book
  • 24 page Battle Royale Adventure book
  • 4 8-page character dossiers
  • A double-sided map poster
  • A deck of 54 quick-reference tool cards for items, weapons, spells, and stats on non-player characters (NPCs) used in the Battle Royale adventure
  • 12 custom six-sided (d6) dice


You can also check out Shadowrun’s brand-new, future home at, featuring the game’s updated look and intense new art.

This summer, the shadows fall darker than ever, and survival depends on your willingness to risk everything and become a legend!

Shadowrun (6th edition) - Beginner Box

Kiadó: Catalyst Game Labs
Kiadás éve: 2019
Sorozat: Shadowrun (6th Edition)
Címkék: Angol nyelvű szerepjáték, Kezdőkészlet,
1-6 a(z) összesen 6 elemből
16490,- Ft
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